Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Magnificent Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy is blessed with unique beauty and charm, no matter how often you visit Vinh Hy and the surrounding areas, you will discover a new attraction every time.

The Vinh Hy bay located in Vinh Hai village, Ninh Hai district, is 42km from Phan Rang-Thap Cham. Surrounded by white sand beaches, majestic with towering rocky mountains and mysterious caves and poetic with cascading waterfalls creating streams in vast dense forest. Visitors can take some activities such as: dip in the stream water, go fishing,climbing, caving, enjoy clear atmosphere .

Rocks like artworks lie on the way from Vinh Hy Bay to tranquil beaches.

Visitors can choose to take a cruise in the bay to see the coral reefs and the many islands and rocks with their fascinating shapes, like an ear or a turtle, or a hand with fingers stretching to the sky.

But to tourists on their second or third visits tend to opt for the boat voyage to the off-the-beaten-track areas. The original beaches and beautiful rocks will impress even the most seasoned traveler.

There are many beaches to choose for both amateur and strong swimmers, such as Ba Dien (crazy woman), Coc (cup), and Tien (fairy) beaches in the bay, and Thung, Hoi, Binh Tien beaches which slope gently to the sea in Vietnam tourism.

It takes more than an hour to reach these tranquil beaches, but the scenery on the way is breath-taking and the reward once you arrive is gentle waves, breezes blowing in from the sea and the sweet sound of waves lapping against the shore, especially if you are willing to take the 30 minute boat trip to some of the more remote beaches.

A boat driver called My told the Daily that he has transported numerous tours through the walls of high and rocks perched by the sea, all of whom have been overwhelmed by the picturesque beauty of the area.
The waves are constantly crashing against the walls of rocks. Over time the landscape may change as the rocks are transformed by the waves, however the magnificence of Vinh Hy continue to attract visitors from near and far.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Tam Coc’s landscapes in Vietnam

Tam Coc is an attractive tourist site of Ninh Binh, Vietnam with mumerous of karst-formation limestones and mountains. It is well-known as Vietnam’s “Halong Bay on land”, located in Van Lam hamlet, Ninh Hai Village, Hoa Lu Distric, 7km form Ninh Binh center. Pictures taken by Pham Hoang Van.
Tam Coc
Tam Coc
Tam Coc
Tam Coc
Tam Coc
Tam CocTam Coc
Tam Coc
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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Beautiful and Ancient pagoda in Ba Danh pagoda

Ba Danh pagoda is considered one of the nicest temples in the country because of the seaside views and the mountainous surroundings, as well as the architecture of the pagoda itself.

The Ba Danh Pagoda, which has been neglected by tourists for many years, is becoming a more popular attraction.

Among the Vietnamese, the temple has been knows as the “Deserted Pagoda” for a long time. But now things are changing. Nowadays the pagoda has been playing host to many visitors.
To get to the pagoda, located in Ha Nam Province, you must take an 8km boat ride.
Although it has been passed over for a long time, it is still considered one of the nicest temples in the country because of the seaside views and the mountainous surroundings, as well as the architecture of the pagoda itself.

Actually, more than a pagoda, it is more of a complex, covering 10ha and more than 40 separate structures.
In the 7th century, the pagoda was a small temple, which was upgraded during the Le Dynasty. In 1994, Ba Danh Pagoda was granted a certificate as a national historic monument by the Ministry of Culture.
In 2007, the province invested another VND20 billion (USD956,937) into the restoration.
Last September, the pagoda opened a large guesthouse to serve tourists.
Monk Thich Dam Dam said “The pagoda is no longer deserted. Sometimes we receive hundreds of visitors a day. Many of them come back over and over.”
Ba Danh Pagoda’s festival is held on March 25 and 26.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dai Yem Waterfall - A treasure among highland

If you visit Moc Chau town of Son La province, in Vietnam, you will have opportunities to watch the magic beauty which the nature grants this area, live in a primeval scene of the early days of the life on the earth.

Dai yem waterfall also called Ban Vat by local people is a historical landscape, which is close related to the inhabitant history of Thai people in Muon Sang land long time ago. The name Dai Yem is derived from a story about  the brassiere of the girl who saved a boy from the flood.

The Vat spring flows to the waterfall has a length of about 5km. Water would fill the spring all year round. When it flows to this part, the spring is blocked by the limestone wall, and the water is stagnant and flows back to the lower bank and stroll down to create the waterfall to gather in the spring. Bo Sap is a large spring, which derives from Bo Sap village where the border of Vietnamese and Laos in Yen Chau land.
Back to the upstream of the spring, tourists would reach the first waterfall. The internal parts of the spring have many small and medium rocks with various strange shapes. In the rain season ( April to September), the whole 70m of the width is a white curtain to flows to the river, which makes it romantic and poetic. The second waterfall has only one line from the height of 50m. The trees in the top of the waterfall are very plentiful to create the grandiosity for landscape.

The waterfall comprises of two levels of falls with the second one located 150 meters at an angle below the first one. Above the second waterfall is a floral stretch of land from where visitors can view the surrounding mountainous view.
The Dai Yem Waterfall looks most stunning during the rainy season from April to September every year, when the 70-meter wide fall gushes water down its slope, looking a dazzling white and imposingly dramatic and poetic.